Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Keeping our fingers crossed.

My fiance, Rykert, grew up just outside of New Orleans. I spent four years living in the city while attending Tulane. Rykert's parents and family still live there. Hopefully, New Orleans will dodge another bullet, as it has done for hundreds of years. When I was living in the city, we had a number of hurricane scares. For a city that was below sea level in many parts, and below river level in most parts, even a little rain is a big deal. I remember my sophomore year. Three hurricanes. The first missed completely. The second gave us 2 days of rain, which meant no school, canoeing through campus, and kegs on the quads (I'm serious). The third sent us packing, but moved east at the very last moment.

Check up on New Orleans here.

Below is how I left South Louisiana last spring. It's how I'd like it to remain.

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Anonymous said...

hey libby, you SP here... i was curious, how do you make the hallowig during the bangs part?? around diagram A I get really confused. any help would be great :)

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