Friday, July 23, 2004

An Introduction...

I've actually given the address out to this lame-o blog.

I'm a recent law school graduate and a soon to bar examinee. I started knitting during my first year of law school, and realized that it was an amazing outlet for my creative energies and the stress of law school. After 3 years of trying to master the basics and lurking around the blogs, I decided to give this blogging thing a whirl. Unfortunately, I'm a would-be lawyer and have a liberal arts degree. This means that I barely know how to send an email. Hopefully, once the bar exam is over, I'll have a chance to read-up on html and make this blog a little less boring.

Now, to my knitting... I'm just beginning to venture into the world of knitted garments, after lots of felting, scarves, bags and hats. I'm working on a very simple poncho and these little ballerina wrap sweaters with a satin ribbon tie for the flowergirls in my upcoming wedding.

Back to my studies, and more pictures next week.

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