Sunday, July 25, 2004


I'm off to take the bar exam. I'm incredibly antsy, and unable to study anymore (even though I don't feel like I know anything at this point.)

...because being able to pick the correct answer to a completely unrealistic and tricky set of facts is clearly what being a lawyer is all about....

As you can see, I'm a little bitter about the whole deal.

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chelsea said...

Hi Libby, Did anyone ever help you with the button? You need somewhere online to save a copy of the image. Do you have access to a server anywhere? If you do, right click the button on someone else's blog... select save image as... and save the image to your computer. Then save it to whatever server to which you have access.

In your blogger template code you would type: < img src = "" > (without the spaces) in between the a href and /a tags for the knitalong.

Did that help? If you need more info, you can send me an email. I think the blog looks pretty good!

Jenn said...

Hey Libby -

And to add to what Chelsea told you, I just set up a random free website with ivillage and upload all the sidebar images/buttons/crap to it and then link to that location. I have the same template as you and had to figure out how to add stuff and line it up and whatnot too. If you want a code example of how it should read, let me know.

Good luck passing the bar! ~~jenn

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